Welcome to the Southern Social Justice Directory

This digital version of the first directory that was compiled in 2004 to connect the social justice community across the southern United States. The first introduction read as follows:

“We are excited to present the 2004 Social Justice Director for the Southeast region of the United States. The Directory will focus on organizations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. We will feature each organization’s name, contact information, mission, programs and activities. This directory attempts to capture the work and identity of organizations that spend their human and financial resources towards changing people’s quality of life. The organizations listed on these pages consist of men and women, parents and children, scholars and activists, all of whom share visions of a society characterized by an equitable economy, a clean environment, accessible health care, quality education, affordable housing, and much, much more. 

It is our hope that this directory will contribute to social justice efforts in at least three ways. First, we hope that it enables those who are doing this worthy work to reach out to one another so that they can find ways to share lessons to learned and perhaps even collaborate on projects. Second, we hope that the directory will enable private and public foundations to more readily identify organizations that are doing work in a particular field of interest. Finally, we hope that this directory help all those who touch it to re-define the very concept of social justice. By sharing what so many people are doing in so many places in so many creative ways, we hope to expand our collective understanding of what social justice is and to bring more clarity to what is often a fuzzy and overused term. In other words, we seek to expand our sense of what is possible, and to strengthen our determination to make the possibilities a reality. 

We thank you for your interest and wish you luck in whatever social justice endeavors you have chosen!

The goals of this directory have not changed. We have listed all of the organizations that were in the original document. If you have knowledge or reason to believe that an organization is no longer in existence, please comment on that organization’s page. Likewise, if there is a new organization that you would like to submit for inclusion, please do so by sending an email to avagabrielle@ussustainabledevelopmentcorp.com